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Our Mission

Welcome to Gracious Victories Holistic Health and Wellness! We are so glad that you are visiting us.  We are a community that promotes healthy living and empowers women and families to celebrate victories in every season of life.

i.  Dear woman, we help you live confidently and gloriously through attaining your personal wellness and life goals.

ii. Dear Mama/"Mama-to-be", we guide you to nurture yourself during your prenatal and postpartum stages, as you nurture your baby. 

iii. Dear family, we equip you to live and establish a legacy in unity and wellness, while you fulfill your family's mission.

Our Vision

We are building a community of women, mothers, and families with the common goal of living glorifying, purposeful and healthy lives. We believe that everyone has valuable gifts, skills, and experiences that can be used for greater good.

We offer health and wellness, personal development, goal, mindset, career, and family coaching, through our online academy. We also offer prenatal and postpartum support.

In a nutshell, we will partner with you to support you in enhancing all areas of your health and wellness, so that you can live a life of gracious victories.  

gracious victories

Our declaration that even in the midst of challenges; and no matter what life currently looks like, by God's grace we have already won the victory for His glory.

Holistic Health & Wellness

When we are struggling in one area, it affects many different aspects of our life. As such, we take your concerns and assess how it has impacted you holistically. What are the results? We help you achieve your unique balance.

Career & finances
Life stages

Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

                                       3 John 1:2




Do you have a personal project or mission you would like to accomplish? We believe in you! Sometimes we just need a bit of guidance and support. Book a free consultation with a certified health & life coach. We'll help you take the next step to realizing your dream! Below are some of our featured custom coaching packages.

Gracious Victories in Goals & Career

Pursue your passion & increase productivity

Gracious Victories in Stress Relief

   Build a personalized wellness kit to help shed off stress

Gracious Victories in Relationships

         Strengthen your interpersonal skills to enhance relationships

Gracious Victories in Prenatal Postpartum

       Nurture yourself as you care for your baby

Gracious Victories in Fitness & Nutrition

Improve health through movement and food

Gracious Victories in Families

Your family's guide to wellness


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