Read about Gracious Victories Holistic Health & Wellness' mission and vision; as about coaching below.

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Our Mission

i.  Dear woman, we help you live confidently and gloriously through attaining your personal wellness and life goals.

ii. Dear Mama/"Mama-to-be", we guide you to nurture yourself during your prenatal and postpartum stages, as you nurture your baby. 

iii. Dear family, we equip you to live and establish a legacy in unity and wellness, while you fulfill your family's mission.


Our Vision

We are building a community of women, mothers, and families with the common goal of living glorifying, purposeful and healthy lives. We believe that everyone has valuable gifts, skills and experiences that can be used for greater good.

We offer health and wellness, personal development, goal, mindset, career, and family coaching, through our online academy. We also offer prenatal and postpartum support.

In a nutshell, we will partner with you to support you in enhancing all areas of your health and wellness, so that you can live a life of gracious victories. 

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About Coaching

Coach's Role

Health Coaches work with you in an individual or group setting, using client- focused process to facilitate and empower guide and empower you to develop and achieve your health, wellness and development goals.

We provide relevant science- based information to help you make healthy choices, in addition to positive encouragement and continued motivation. 

We help you uncover your strengths and resources, and help you develop strategies for making lasting, healthy lifestyle changes and personal or professional advancement. 

Coaches Will Not...

Diagnoses, assess medical conditions, or prescribe/ give advise on treatment or medication. We can however, work with your health/ medical provider to support you in lifestyle and behaviour changes that they recommend. 

We will encourage you to seek the advice on any medical condition- related concerns from your physician. 

Coaching Style

We work with you to establish your mindful practice, nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle choices. Our coaching style is to educate with research- based knowledge, empower, and guide the women, mothers and families we work with. 

Gracious Victories...Our declaration that even in the midst of challenges; and no matter what life currently looks like, by God's grace we have already won the victory for His glory.