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Family Wellness Matters

Family Wellness Matters is focused on creating joyful homes. Health and wellness are an essential part of family life. This program is for families that would like a holistic approach to improving the health, mood, learning and development of their family members. Our programs will guide your family through creating a unique system that will help you make simple and healthy lifestyle, mindset, nutrition, and physical activity shifts; and strengthen your relationships. All while having fun and creating lasting memories! Ready to give your family a healthy start?


Our Certified Health Coaches will support your Family Wellness Matters goals in all the core areas described below.



Your family will receive evidence- based knowledge and tools to help you establish play, sleep, and family bonding activities. You will develop a lifetime of healthy and achievable habits. 



You will learn a holistic approach to improving mood, managing stress, and improving learning and development of the whole family. Incorporate activities into your day to remind you to embrace the precious moments in your life. 



Make mealtimes enjoyable and simple for the whole family. You will learn how to choose quality foods, read food labels; and budget friendly recipes and shopping strategies.




Physical activity is an important part of 

establishing healthy habits in your home. Your family will enjoy an active lifestyle to promote optimal mental and physical function and overall wellness.

Program Details
Coaching Style

We take time to listen to you and your families needs. We help you identify ​the root causes of your concern, your strengths, barriers, and practical solutions. We provide you with relevant research- based knowledge, guidance and accountability. Learn more about our role as your coach here.


What's included?​

*Individualized coaching program for your family with a Certified Health Coach. 

*Research- based information and hands- on activities to help you integrate and practice your knowledge

*Direct messaging with your coach between sessions

Included Features:

-Access to your own wellness portal (via our website or app) to book/ attend your virtual appointments and track your goals

-Sync your fitness devices

-A unique action plan designed for you to help you succeed

-Access to direct message your coach 


45- Minute Virtual Coaching Session x3

15- Minute Virtual Check- in or scheduled Chat Session x3



$997 CAD

We'd love to meet you!

Schedule a free 30- Minute Introductory Session with our Certified Health coaches so we can get to know each other and plan the next steps.