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Empowered Mama:

Prenatal & postpartum Wellness

Congratulations Mama!

Our Empowered Mama Wellness program is for mothers who want to positively impact their health and their babies development through natural mindset, lifestyle, nutrition and fitness. This individualized program is suitable for expecting mothers at any stage, including pre- conception and pregnancy; and mothers in their postpartum stage. 

We are here to help you do motherhood confidently and to create lasting memories.


-You will learn about the impact your mindset has on your wellness and development of your baby. Adopt mindful strategies to help manage stress and maintain a positive mindset from pregnancy to postpartum. 


You will establish habits that will prepare you for the hormonal, emotional and physical changes of pregnancy. Set up a self- care routine, boundaries to promote your wellness and enhance your relationship with your spouse, as you prepare to welcome your new baby.  


You will be empowered to eat food that meets the nutritional needs of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy and postpartum stages. You will learn how to select quality whole foods and avoid foods with additives to protect you and baby. 


Learn to practice gentle movement exercises to promote your health during pregnancy, and create an ideal environment for your growing baby. Prepare and strengthen your body for birth and postpartum recovery. 

Program Details

What's Included?

You choose either One trimester, two trimesters or 3 trimesters depending on your stage, your needs and goals. 

One Trimester or 3 Months Postpartum

45- Minute Virtual Coaching Session x6

15- Minute Virtual Check- in or Chat Session x6

$997 CAD

Two Trimesters or 6 Months Postpartum

45- Minute Virtual Coaching Session x12

15- Minute Virtual Check- in or Chat Session x12

$1794 CAD

Three Trimesters or 9 Months Postpartum

45- Minute Virtual Coaching Session x18

15- Minute Virtual Check- in or Chat Session x18

$2542 CAD


Complementary Meal Planning or Pantry Revamp Session

We'd love to meet you!

Schedule a free 30- Minute Introductory Session with our Certified Health coaches so we can get to know each other and plan the next steps. 

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