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I am a mom to my sweet sons Ethan and Jayden! I am wife to my incredible husband Jason! I value my faith, family, my friendships, and the deep connection I’ve been able to foster with my spirituality, myself and my body—nothing makes me feel more fulfilled, grounded and relaxed.


As a woman and mother, I understand some of the challenges that come along the way with womanhood and motherhood.  Let me just say, I have had some dark seasons in my life. BUT GOD!!! After overcoming some of my own personal struggles, this empowered me to support other women and mamas to believe we have the victory over our problems! 


My educational background is in social work, counselling, and coaching. Over the past 10 years in working in these fields, I have realized the gaps and significant need for more proactive support for women and families.

I have worked with over 200 women and passionate about supporting women and families to regain their energy, focus on getting better rest, and bring more calm, balance and fulfillment into their wild, amazing lives.

My mission is to truly connect with women who are going through different stages of life and working together through the ups and downs that will come along the way. I believe in supporting women with taking control of their body and life so that their mind can feel strong, healthy, aligned, and fulfilled.

I'm so excited to take this wellness journey with you and meet you wherever you are at!! I am committed to supporting you to reach wherever you desire to go! 


Certified Life, Health & Nutrition


Also known as Mommy, by my three boys, and Love, by my husband. My faith in our Creator has guided me through the blessings in life's challenges; and has given me peace and reassurance that everything will be okay. When I hear women and mamas say "the struggle is real", I laugh in agreement, but know that His grace is sufficient. When I reflect on how far I've come, it sparks me to share that hope with others.

My mission is to  encourage women and families to achieve their goals, to help them discover their inherent value, and to live well. I wish for you to enjoy balance and peace in the beauty and simplicity of life, even in the midst of chaos.

Most of my personal and professional interactions involve encouraging others to achieve wellness and to navigate life. I am all about empowering them to develop tools and skills to help them excel in their respective roles. 

My background in nursing has given me valuable experience in health promotion and supporting people under my care to reach their optimal wellness. Mental health has always been at the forefront of my practice, as it encompasses everything that makes us who we are. I've specialized in Child Adolescent and Family Health, and have also worked with adults in 1:1 and group settings. 

I believe that many keys to improving our quality of life are at reach. They are found in our faith, mindset,  and the daily choices to: eat nutritious food, exercise, avoid harmful substances, be kind, and have fun!

I look forward to walking along side you in your pursuit of health, wellness, and purpose!



I love all things food- related. When I was in elementary school and was asked what I want to be when I grow up, my response was "a food tester". I pursued my passion by completing a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and health. I currently manage and do dietary consultations in the nutrition services of various health centers. I am living my childhood dream by  food tasting for leisure. 

I have found that I feel my best when I  consistently make nutrition and fitness a priority. Spending time meditating and studying Scripture keeps grounded. Life is so full when we pursue all aspects of our being.


 Maternal nutrition is an area of particular interest to me. 

My mission is to support women and families to live holistically; and to guide them in creating and maintaining healthy habits.

Certified Health & Life Coach

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