Our Story

It all started with several heart to heart discussions during play dates with their children. The founders, Gloria and Victoria, shared their desire to live purposefully and to be part of a community of women who are like- minded. They shared their visions of women coming together empower each other, share knowledge and build a strong foundation for their family. They were both dedicated to being fully present and active in their children's lives.

Many women from different backgrounds kept expressing that they were tired of  going through the motions day after day.  They wanted to be healthier and feel better about themselves, but didn't know where to start or lacked motivation. Low confidence seemed to be a common factor. There was a trend of mothers feeling disconnected and unsure of if they were doing enough for their children. So many families seemed to be going through difficulties which posed a threat to cohesiveness. 

Gloria and Victoria knew they had to start this community. But it would take several more years of refinement, learning, and developing in their respective roles, before they would be in the best position to coach others. 

Finally, the time is here! And they are humbled to witness many lives being transformed. If you are ready to take make the shift to living well, contact us and join the community; we will help you with the rest!

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