Three Perks of Belonging to a Strong Community!

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Today, I was remembering my school days, and I thank God for the group of fabulous peers that were in my cohort. People who were strangers became each other's closest friends, backbone, voice, accountability, study buddy, and shoulder to cry on. Through thick and thin, we supported each other through four years of quizzes, big exams, labs, clinical studies and so much more. Dividing labor within the group for projects and note- taking made the load bearable. We were truly stronger together.

We all did our best to make sure that everyone progressed; and we advocated for the few that would drift behind. Our teachers always commended our group for being so cohesive. At the end of every term, we would have a potluck to celebrate our achievement. Today, many years later, some of my closest friends are from that group of people who were once strangers. From that I started thinking more about the benefits of having such a group. Read below to see what I came up with so far and feel free to add to the list.

Three Perks of Belonging to a Strong Community:

1. Being surrounded by people who have similar goals but different life experience.

This happens naturally, and it is beautiful to see the exchange of knowledge. You can learn from and mentor others.

2. Having a group of people to cheer you on during difficult times and celebrate your progress. They remind you of your whys and hold you accountable.

3. Creating friendships, fun moments, and lasting memories.

The Gracious Victories Wellness Community:

We invite you to be part of our community of women, mothers and families who are joined with the purpose of living more glorious and healthy lives!

It is your opportunity to:

- Access and contribute to wellness and personal development resources

- Build friendships

- Network and promote your skills and/or business

- Participate in uplifting devotions, prayer groups and book clubs

Kindly share with us:

Do you belong to a community? What is your idea of a great community?

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading along!

Blessings and grace,

The Gracious Victories Team

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