Women's Fitness

Fitness plays an important role in our physical and mental health. Research indicates, that adults require 150 minutes of  moderate to high intensity, cumulative physical activity weekly. Even 10 minutes of exercise at a time can have significant effects on our mind and body. 

We pleased to connect you with women's fitness experts from Fit Your Life to support you with your movement needs. They have generously offered your first class (virtual or in- person) free! Details below.


Fit Your Life offers fitness classes for women and encourages intentional daily movement. Our goal is to assist you in finding or reconnecting with your fitness journey by discovering something that inspires you! Various stages of motherhood and womanhood can lead to allowing ourselves to slip away from our own priority list.

Your health is vital in you being the best mom, wife, partner, friend, and woman you can be!

We are truly in this together!

Enjoy your first class (either in-person or virtual livestream) free using promo code: 'firstfree' by selecting the drop-in pass and then apply this code for 100% off!

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