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Holistically me! Wellness program

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Are you ready to completely transform your life? We've designed this program to help you reach your goals, establish a healthy lifestyle, develop effective coping strategies, build your confidence,  transition into a new career, live more purposefully and mindfully; or to achieve any other dream. We are looking forward to supporting you with your journey.


Choose your focus

Two focuses to choose from based on your desired outcomes and areas of concern. One of our Certified Health & Life Coaches will help you create a individualized, realistic plan of action and guide you through the 6- week program. We teach research- based information to guide you through your healthy lifestyle or development transformation with practical tools to help you succeed. 

Healthy Lifestyle Focus

The Healthy Lifestyle Focus is perfect for you if you are determined to feeling healthier, stronger and more alert. A Certified Health Coach will help you establish natural ways to prevent and/ or manage chronic health conditions that affect: the heart, blood sugar, inflammation, chronic pain, obesity, and stress levels. Our holistic approach addresses: mindfulness, lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise. ​


We will empower you to shift your mindset, improve focus, manage stress and release control with daily intentions, reflections and by applying effective techniques to help you live more authentically.


You will learn to make simple lifestyle shifts to help you develop healthy habits to promote overall wellness. Emphasis on establishing sleep patterns, managing stress, healthy relationships and setting boundaries. 


You will be empowered with research- based knowledge to help you make nutritious meal choices. You will learn to eat for your health by reading food labels, practicing portion control, meal planning, and much more. 

Women's Fitness


You will receive science- based information to help you set up a healthy and safe routine to keep you physically active. Movement is key to preventing and promoting the body's recovery from health conditions. 

Personal/ Professional Development Focus

You'll enjoy the freedom and beauty of living purposefully and embracing the present moment. You will receive support with building confidence, navigating through a new season of life, developing your project or transitioning into a new career. Your Certified Health & Life Coach will support you with your goals in the areas listed below. 

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Establish your mindful practice to reduce stress, improve your attention, enhance your awareness, and cherish the precious moments in life, by being more present. You'll notice how being intentional can improve your relationships, and mindset towards daily activities including work. 

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Building Confidence

Look in the mirror, embrace and thrive as the YOU that you were created to be! Learn to overcome self- sabotaging thoughts and behaviours. You will be empowered to live intentionally and cultivate healthy relationships.

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Goal Crushing

Gain clarity with your goals and convert your dreams into reality through practical action steps. Receive guidance and accountability to help you stay on track and reach your goals efficiently.

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Explore career paths that align with your mission. Conduct job searches with intentionality. Guidance to build a solid portfolio to help you advance in your career. Approach prospective employers or contracts with confidence, a solid resume and interview skills. 

Program Details
Coaching Style

We take time to listen to you and help you identify ​the root causes of your concern, your strengths, barriers, and practical solutions. We provide you with relevant research- based knowledge, guidance and accountability. Learn more about our role as your coach here.


What's included?​

*Individualized coaching program with a focus of your choice. 

*Research- based information and hands- on activities to help you integrate and practice your knowledge

*Direct messaging with your coach between sessions

Included Features:

-Access to your own wellness portal (via our website or app) to book/ attend your virtual appointments and track your goals

-Sync your fitness devices

-A unique action plan designed for you to help you succeed

-Access to direct message your coach 


45- Minute Virtual Coaching Session x3

20- Minute Virtual Check- in or scheduled Chat Session x3



$997 CAD

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Schedule a free 30- Minute Introductory Session with our Certified Health coaches so we can get to know each

other and plan the next steps. 

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